About Us

We are not your typical gym - you aren't going to walk in and say hi to some random person sitting at the front desk and blindly walk to some treadmill or weight machine.  Why?  Because we are your community, we know your name and miss you when you're gone.  You'll have fun, take part in an intense work out, learn and smash your goals.

Our promise to you:     

  • You will receive attentive, qualified, enthusiastic coaching every time you step into our box  
  • You will receive encouragement and support from your community. That community includes your coaches and your fellow fire breathers  
  • You will learn and develop new skills, you will get stronger, you will get faster, you will develop more endurance and stamina and increase you current fitness level  
  • You will be more confident  
  • You will have fun  •You will sweat  
  • You will be part of a community. A community coming together through similar likes and passions  
  • You will be able to measure your progress

Meet Your Coaches

Coach Monika (Founder)

I have a long history of sport and fitness.  I was a competitive swimmer since the age of 8.  Through the years I've ran track, tried my hand at rowing crew, kick-boxed, and even did a little boxing.        

I started teaching swimming at the age of 14 and switched to coaching when I was 19 and I've been addicted ever since.        

I have had the pleasure of teaching and coaching people from the age of 5 - 65 yrs young.  There's a joy in seeing the sweat and tears come to fruition when large and small goals have been achieved.       

My personal fitness journey wasn't always sunshine and roses.  When I was forced out of swimming due to injury I assumed I could continue to eat as if I were still swimming 20 hours a week and in the gym for dry-land for an additional 5 hours.  I ended gaining... well... A LOT of weight!.

My health was rapidly declining.  I found it hard to breathe, hard to move, and I was uncomfortable in every situation.  It became an obsession to find myself again and to be able to look at myself in the mirror and be happy with who I saw.      

My older sister joined the CrossFit movement, then our friend, and another and another.  And they all couldn't stop talking about their experiences.  The excitement, the challenge, the fun and the great people they were meeting.

Enter CrossFit!  In 2011, I found my new addiction.  I found who I was looking for, a stronger more confident and healthier ME!  I ended up winning.  I lost the weight I needed to lose, healthfully.  NO fad diets.  NO excuses.      

This path lead me to where I am today.  I LOVE coaching.  I LOVE CrossFit.  I LOVE bringing the two together to help people discover how AWESOME they are!

Coach Chris (Head Coach)

Here is a short story about myself.  From the age of four, starting at tee-ball up until now I have always been involved with sports and fitness in some way.  As a child my grandfather introduced me to the game of baseball, a sport that I have always loved and enjoyed playing.  Throughout high school I decided to get into new sports to see what else may be out there for me.  I tried my hand at wrestling and eventually fell in love with the sport.  I would consider my wrestling years to be one of the most interesting due the amount of exercise and conditioning involved, which is why I think that is why I loved it so much.

After high school I made the decision to join the military and become an Aviation Ordnancemane.  The unique thing about the military is that the job that you choose and go to school for is not always the job you could end up doing.  Thanks to the Navy I have gained years of experience in security.  I was deployed to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to conduct security operations there from 2009-2010.  Prior to deploying to Cuba, I was heavily involved in weight lifting.

In Cuba, I was introduced to Crossfit by a friend who decided I should join him for a workout name Annie.  After that workout I was hooked and wanted to know more! Once I got back from Cuba I became more involved with Crossfit eventually obtaining my Crossfit Level 1 certification.  Since then I have been more interested than ever before into what it means to be healthy and stay fit for life’s everyday physical challenges.