Girls and Heros Club

The Girls and Heros club brings Fire Breathers together to test their limits, their skill and to support each other in tackling CrossFit's toughest work outs.        

Designed to be a challenge, they are repeated occasionally and used as a baseline to determine how far each athlete has progressed.

The Girls and Heros Club is a great balance to the strength training providing a great cardiovascular conditioning which increases weight loss,  improves heart and brain health, and improves mood!    With the awesome feeling of conquering these intense work outs with your fellow athletes with you ever step of the way, is nothing short of exhilarating!

Barbell Club

The XFI Barbell Club is designed to improve your strength and technique in the Olympic lifts:  Clean and Jerk and Snatch and the Power lifts:  Deadlifts, Squats and Bench press.      

The Club breaks down the movements so you are building on a strong foundation of skill and technique.  Each session will concentrate on:      

  • accessory work,   
  • mobility and   
  • skills.        

You'll build speed, power and explosive strength with the Olympic lifts and raw, pure strength with the Power lifts.

Running Club

Everyone knows that running is a great way to get into shape, but it also can benefit almost every part of your bod and lift your mood. Whether it's your favorite part of the day or something you have to push yourself through, the benefits are undeniable.

The Club meets every Sunday to run, walk or both; at our own pace. We're here to push you and keep you accountable so everyone succeeds, whether you're training fo a race, brand new to it and want to get better, or just out to enjoy the day, we'll see you on Sunday.