What is CrossFit?

Depending on who you ask, CrossFit is many different things to many different people.  It's life changing, it's therapy, it's stress relief... the list goes on. This answer is as unique to the individual as the reason why each individual becomes a CrossFit athlete.      

By definition:  CrossFit is a program that delivers a fitness, that is by design, broad, general and inclusive.  The specialty is not specializing.  

Regardless of who you are (Special Forces or Grandmother of 12) your needs differ by degree not kind.  We all do basic functional movements in every day life.  CrossFit is designed for scalability, which makes it perfect for anyone regardless of experience and fitness level.  It is the functionality of movement.

What I mean is:      

  • We all need to squat (getting up and down from a chair)   
  • We all need to dead-lift (lifting a heavy tool box off of the ground)   
  • We all need to clean and jerk (heaving a carry on bag into the overhead compartment)   
  • We all run short and long distances (chasing after kids or dogs)   
  • We all pick up awkward objects like an atlas stone (pick up bags of mulch or groceries

This is CrossFit - For everyone, For everyday.