"Working with the CrossFit Infinity coaches has been a wonderful experience.  At first I was a bit skeptical about lifting heavy weights and huge tires but with their reassurance I actually found it to be fun and effective!      My strength and stamina have increased and my muscles are starting to become defined.  The coaches are extremely compassionate, genuine and loves what they do.  I would recommend CrossFit Infinity to anyone."   -Madeline Larkin

"I was so wrong, so very very wrong, that was amazing." -Theresa Wink

"This place is like a sanctuary.  I've worked out in 'normal' gyms all my life, but this, this place has a totally different feel to it.  It's like being home."   -Ali Hashmi     "I'm going to hurt so good tomorrow"   -Christine Feindt-Kelly

"You know you've got me hooked!!" -Zahra Hashmi

"CrossFit Infinity is an intense work out that works muscles you didn't even know you existed but when you are finished you feel like you can conquer the world.  The coaches are wonderful and make sure you are doing everything correct so you don't hurt yourself and let you make modifications to the work out if you body just isn't ready for something.  I highly recommend CrossFit Infinity to anyone at any level."   -Christine Feindt-Kelly

"I'm going to hurt so good tomorrow" - Veronica Maddox

My experience with CrossFit Infinity has been most rewarding.  XFI brings all the positive attributes of what CF should be... I like the fact that the coaches really care about your success, your health, and your safety in reaching your goals.  The coaches are very attentive to your needs and are proactive in making sure all members are performing their exercise movement correctly.  I also appreciate the community aspect of XFI, where everyone is welcomed and not isolated by groupies.  See you at the box!  -Manny Santamaria

"I never thought I could do 100 of anything in my life!" - Deanna Cracciolo

Video Testimonials

Meet Jess.  Learn about what brought her to CrossFit Infinity and why she is such an amazing athlete, fantastic mother, wonderful friend and an inspirational part of the XFI family.

Meet Clark.  At 60 years young, he is kicking butt and not looking back!  He has his eyes set on the prize.  Every day he works hard and never fails to have fun!!  Find out what drives Clark to push himself every day.